Sunday, September 23, 2012


La Travieza Seafood Restaurant

Just wanted to do a quick blog of a newly opened seafood restaurant in San Jose Antipolo City (my city). It's just besides besides Calleza grill. They opened last Friday Sept. 21.

Now I can't remember if we went there because we jogged or we jogged because we wanted to go there. In any case, after the exhaustion...

...we went to La Travieza. Their promise is quality, all natural seafoods (no msg).

The place is big, lotsa headroom. You can dine outside at the back if you want some fresh air (or drink & smoke) and you can walk directly to Calleza grill. Most of the diners were families. Now on to the food!

I'm a red sauce on pasta kinda guy and I don't do seafood on pasta. But their shrimp & mussel carbonara was great. I still can't explain it. It's not overly creamy and you can always taste a bit of the seafoods in there.

Adobong pusit. I was really hoping for that thick spicy black sauce (that looked like you poured a bottle of black ink into it, then some leaves), but it was a bit sweet and I still liked it very much. It was good for 3-4 people. And they didn't skimp on the squid. The sizes were bigger than average.

Baby back pork ribs -- It immediately reminder me of that famous baby back ribs resto after the first bite, but slightly sweeter. (maybe because we were with three kids?)

I'm not much of a salad eater, and they were out of Caesar salads so we opted for the Garden salad. It was one of salads that I really liked because I liked every little bit on it. Fresh, perfect balance, I liked every part of it equally. and that's a first for me.

Overall, it was a pleasant dinning experience. Hefty servings, ample parking. Maybe we jogged and worked out an appetite but the food were "two thumbs up!". Highly recommended. Service was 4 out of 5. It looked like they were already running it for weeks now.

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