Thursday, December 02, 2004


Had my first Cashflow game

(A non-Tech blog for now)...Had my first Cashflow game (Rich Dad/Poor Dad fame - last night. Initially, I was just planning to see the game in action and not actually play it yet (since I had plenty of other things to do that night). And so I would deeply like to thank kuya Jun & co. for being so accommodating.

Our group had 4 players and I completely finished the game well under 2 hours (I got out of the rat race and landed on my cheese). Not bad for a newbie. (yeah-yeah, it's called beginner's luck). :)

I highly recommend this game because it really teaches financial intelligence.

Oh I almost forgot to mention, it's held every Wednesday 7pm-12mn Mezzanine of Charterhouse Hotel in Makati. For F-R-E-E!!

Hey! I want some of that! ;-) When i went searching for gamers of Cashflow early this year, all i found were games held in AIM which required a registration of ... what , Php800 or something.

Anybody I need to contact before I drop in?


ka edong
Ka Edong,
you can just drop by exactly at 7pm to make sure that you join a game. That's what we all did.

Or you can just watch and/or learn the board game or 'real' real estate investing... Or at the very least, meet 'big time' real estate people. and I mean 'BIG TIME'. hth
I agree. Actually, the one from AIM charges 800 per session.

Is still on? Can I still join?
As far as I know, Yes.

There should be a session tomorrow. But I might not make it.
I'll try to make there this wednesday. Hope I see you there.
My brother and i will be there tonight (jan 19). looking forward to a fun and educational game!

Unfortunately, my grandmother was confined in the hospital tonight and I have to visit. Probably next time. See you!
Got to play last week (jan 19). Twas a great experience. Will do it again another time. Wrote about it here:

Thanks for the referral, Umberto Eklat! ;-) I didn't win. another guy in our group was suuuuuuper lucky (hahaha, sour graping ba?) to have hit the cheeze very early into the game.

cheers! cheeze!

ka edong
are the games still on going? i want to play! :)
Is the cashflow meetup still ongoing??
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